Saskatchewan's Online Library for Health Professionals


Most popular point of care tools and databases:

BMJ Clinical EvidenceVaries by title
Designed to deliver concise, evidence-based information at the point of care
Cochrane Library
Contains seven regularly updated, evidence-based health care databases
e-Therapeutics CompleteVaries
e-Therapeutics+ integrates content from CPhA's Therapeutic Choices and e-CPS. It is augmented by a wide and continuously growing range of external references to create a centralized drug resource for drug therapy information.
Medline1966 to present
Medicine, including internal medicine, general medicine, primary care, family medicine, and general practice
PsycINFO1872 - present
Psychology; also medicine, psychiatry, social work, linguistics, education, sociology, nursing, and other areas
Health Star1966 to present
Clinical and non-clinical aspects of health care including administration, effectiveness of health services, and health economics.
Complementary medicine; palliative care; physiotherapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, speech and language therapy; and podiatry